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Our World Of Dumplings

In Our World Of Dumplings, an apartment complex is having a dumpling festival, and all the kids are excited to help each family cook up different versions of the delicious treats. From kreplach to khinkali and Johnny cakes to jiao zi, the children wrap, cook, and eat, while learning how dumplings are the ultimate labor of love!

A multicultural picture book that underscores the power of food to both bring us together and help celebrate our differences, Our World of Dumplings is a rich story that shows the tender relationship between food and company and its natural ability to create a sense of community that will leave you hungry for more!

Illustrated by Sarah Jung

Publisher: Little Bee Books

ISBN - 9781499812343

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"Readers will enjoy learning about different cultures' dumpling traditions, and this book certainly celebrates culinary diversity." --Kirkus Reviews

"I love this story because it's another beautiful book about community, embracing differences and valuing our nighbor and what they bring to the table. Your littles will have so much fun seeing so many different kinds of dumplings!"

-- BooksGrowMinds

A beautiful book that shows the different ways families make dumplings. This book stood out because it emphasizes the importance of coming together as a family and a community to create something you are proud of. I think this book does a great job of depicting a variety of dumplings from around the world. In the end, everyone in the apartment complex gathers together to share their dish with friends as the aromas of pure delight wafts through the air. After reading this book, readers will find that their stomachs feel just as full as their hearts.

--Allison, MCBD Reviewer

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